Anyone thinning out their collection a little bit and have a few clippings to spare?

I’m a college student on a tight budget but I just love learning about the plant community! If anyone has any spare clippings of some fun houseplants I would be willing to pay for shipping! I live in CA! Thank you in advance!

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Hi! I have a ton of healthy baby pilea peperomioides if you would like some? There’s more than what’s in the photo! Let me know!



Yes please! That is so sweet of you! Can we connect via Instagram @lexihoevel or by email?

Susan! I have been searching high and low for a cutting of the Chinese money plant! I am willing to swap if you are interested! Thanks in advance!

98jaybird, would you be interested in a spider plant baby? Super easy houseplant for beginners. Feel free to let me know. Thanks!

Hi! I have a lot more pilea babies available for swapping! The Mama plant (picture for reference) is super happy here.

Would love to do a swap. What do you have available? :slight_smile:

Susan, I have many varieties of succulents and cacti, (too many to list) as well as a large collection of healthy house plants. I am happy to send pictures. Among them I have Syngonium podophyllum, Chlorophytum comosum, Philodendron hederaceum, Dieffenbachia, Spathiphyllum, Anthurium, Schlumbergera, Bromeliad, Sansevieria trifasciata, Codiaeum Banana Croton, and Croton Petra. Let me know! Thanks!

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Your plants are beautiful! They look very happy for sure!

Hi Jess, would you be able to send me a pic of your cacti and succulents? I have lots of house plants already however would be open to any peperomia varieties if you have any. :slight_smile:

Susan, These are amazing! I would love one if any are still available. I’m all out of swaps, I’ve swapped away all the baby anything’s I had already :sob:

Totally willing to purchase, let me know!

I would!! This is one I never added to the collection. Are you looking for anything??

I’m on the hunt to add to my peperomia collection, and am also open to hoya cuttings! I’m also leaning towards the harder to find plants as I already have many common houseplants. :). What do you have available?

Hi Appleandthewitch, I’ve actually recently sold and shipped a number of babies and have a few available still, if you’re interested. They are $3 each or 2 for $5, plus shipping (~$3-$4). Let me know!

Hey do you have any pileas left would love to swap/buy can’t find any where I’m from

Hi Allysonnicole, yes I do still have some available. I’m opening to swaps too. What do you have available? I’m looking to expand my Hoya, peperomia and strings collections.

I have some string of bananas and also some string of pearls?

Can I purchase a string of pearls and string of bananas from you please?

Hey! I would love to do a swap if possible do you have anything to trade? If not I would definitely be willing to sell you some cuttings

Well I’m just starting my collection so I can honestly say I don’t have a lot to offer. I wish that I did… but I am more than willing to pay for your offerings… just let me know the price. TIA

No problem!! Email me your info at And I’ll let you know how much to Venmo me I’m not sure how much shipping and stuff will be never done a swap before :blush: