Anybody up for USA/UK trade? Looking for Cebu Blue/String of dolphins


I’m aware of fact that such trade is …well, more problematic than one inside EU or USA, but I could give it a try!

Unfortunately, Cebu is almost impossible to find in Europe. I even bought one which was supposed to be Cebu Blue - But I believe I’ve ended up with regular Epipremnum pinnatum. (I showed pictures to person who was selling both in past - and she thinks I’m right. If you have both as well and want to give me second opinion - let me know!:heart: )

I’m just starting my collection of plants, so it’s hard to offer something worth a while, but after small research, I think I might have two which are little bit more uncommon in USA. Correct me if I’m wrong - maybe you’re using different name for that plant variation and can buy it in every Walmart :smiley:

First one - Cuttings from Scindapsus Pictus Silver Ann
Variation of Satin Pothos - Silver shine vary in coverage between few drops to whole leaf.
More pictures: One Two
Second one - Cuttings from Epipremnum Shangri La
It seems to be variation of old good Golden Pothos, but with lovely, curly leaves!
More pictures: One Two Three

If none of those find your interest - I might try to take a look for a plant which you can’t get in States, and is more common in UK. Or just pay for cuttings and postage.
Or perhaps I can add handmade macrame propagation station?

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hello, i have lots of cebu blueand am intrested in many of the plants you have to offer. however I live in near atlanta in the USA. Im willing to ship many cuttings since shipping will be expensive :slight_smile: Feel free to DM on Instagram @l.j.perry