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Please leave your suggestions for the site here (including if there’s anything you can’t figure out or seems frustratingly difficult!).

If we are missing a geographical region you think should belong on the community, also let us know.


The site is great, I really like the clean pages and easy to navigate setup.

No idea if this would be doable but if it was, it’d be great if there was the option of a list section with checkboxes in our profiles to show what we have for potential swapping and if it is currently available, no longer, may be in future etc and in what form; unrooted cuttings, rooted cuttings, babies etc. Even better if it could have a picture option beside each listing.

Thanks so much for creating this site, it’s exactly what I was yearning for but didn’t have the skills to set up myself so I’m extremely appreciative of the great job you’ve already done for us plant lovers. Xx🌿