A very bad swap

Hi guys,

I would like to tell you about the pretty horrible swap I was a part of yesterday.

We initially agreed to swap 1 for 1 cuttings, and along the way we agreed on more things, as a bundle.
I was looking forward for the swap as the person I swapped with had positive feedback here on this website and seemed all legit, and one of the plants I was about to get was a wishlist plant for me.
The other person asked for a ‘reasonable’ trade for it, and I agreed on that because I’ve assumed the plant I’m am about to get is healthy.
To keep this short, he gave me a dying plant, and some almost dead cuttings, where I gave him a box full of healthy, ready to be potted plants.

The other person did send me a picture of the poor plant on the morning of the swap, where I thought that it’s not in such a bad condition, and already prepared all of my peps to go out so I continued on the swap, def my mistake here.
But I was never told that the other cutting are in poor (dying) condition at all, and the picture of the zebrina was concealing the true condition.

I am mostly mad at myself as I agreed to accept these plants (face to face swap), but I am really bad at confrontations…

Anyway, I just want to give you a heads up guys that not all of us here are real plant enthusiasts, and that some of us don’t have shame to give you dying plants when knowing that they are getting good stuff.
Attaching pics of what I got and what I gave in a face to face swap.

PS: not all of what I gave was asked for, as I was happy to throw in bits and bobs, but 90% was agreed on.

Sorry to hear😢 You should flag to admin?

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Thanks @MariL, after his very poor response to this post and my DM to him, I feel confident to flag him here, his account name is @Cally .

And as I did find a positive review about him from before, it could be that he only did this to me.

Anyway, I am still shocked with how all this went down and would not advise anyone to swap with him in the future.