3 Little Ficus Benjamina Cuttings if anyone is interested


I’ve been looking for ficus benjmina! I have a bunch of stuff I could take cuttings from, marble pothos, tradescantia zebrina, a whole bunch of succulents (chalksticks, a bunch of different echeverias, crassulas, euphorbias etc). trying to see if my monstera cutting will root before I offer it but potentially got that too, also hoya australis, christmas cactus, thanksgiving cactus, rhipsalis cactus. Probably more I can’t remember about right now.


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@Mags Wow! I can’t choose! Do you have an Instagram? Can I see a pic of your Hoya, Crassula and Rhipsalis? Sorry I just can’t pick! :joy:

Haha I’ve been thinking about starting an instagram for my plants! I’ll take some pictures when I’m home later today. I have a few crassulas, I can definitely send rooted classical jade, hobbit jade and what appears to be ruffle jade. I never took cuttings from the hoya yet, but it’s a very healthy plant with 4 apical meristems. The rhipsalis isnt huge yet but big enough to take a couple of cuttings :slight_smile: I’ll follow up with photos this evening.

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Thank you! I’d definitely be interested in some hobbit jade and some ruffle! Do you want to trade for all three cuttings or just one or two? Pick which ever one you want too, I’ve pulled off a few of the bottom leaves so they can root since the photo was taken.

I ended up with so many pots I made big planters, but I can pull anything out or take cuttings. All these succulents propagate like crazy

Oh my goodness your succulents are gorgeous! I’d love a bit of ruffle and hobbit if you don’t mind x

No worries :slight_smile: we can work it out over the weekend to post Monday or Tuesday if that’s okay.

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Hey! I’ve got a hobbit jade now :joy: but I’m still interested in the ruffle if you still want to swap x

Haha, of course, I was gonna take a fresh prop off, unless you think it would be better if i let it callous first and send next week? I’ve got a bunch of hobbits growing roots, I can throw one it too anyway. What’s the best way to root the Ficus? I’ve never rooted one before.

I’m happy with a fresh cutting, I’ve rooted quite a few jade plants. I’ve never rooted ficus either but atm the cuttings are sat in water and I just change it everyday. From what I’ve read I think they should grow roots :crossed_fingers:

Hopefully that should work :slight_smile: btw, do you have any donkey’s tail props available? I just looked at your profile and saw it listed there :slight_smile:

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I have individual leaves with quite big pups on the end but not stem cuttings I’m afraid, would you like some?

Leaves are totally fine! I wouldn’t want to cut a stem either. When would you like me to send? I can send tomorrow or Tuesday :slight_smile:

I’m sending Tuesday if that’s ok, can you dm me your address. Just to clarify, do you want the donkeys tail or ficus or a bit of both?

Would I be able to have a bit of both? I’ll sent the ruffle, some hobbit and a couple of surprise succulent props if you like, I’ve got loads different ones :slight_smile:

Awww thank you very much! Will send both on Wednesday :+1: