Want rare philodendrons/monsteras/hoyas (have pink princess, r. Tetrasperma, hoyas) (12)
Looking for RhapidophoraTetrasperma cutting (&others listed). I have rare plants I'll trade! (7)
Newbieneedsinfo (1)
Have: hoya kerri, various calathea, stromanthe (3)
Looking to trade for a monstera deliciosa or any other plants! (2)
Last few trades before fall (1)
UPDATED -- First time trader here! Looking to grow my green babies! (14)
Looking for calathea and verigated plants, Have Monstera, bromeliads, African violets, sansaveria birdnest , mother of millions (1)
ISO Clerodendrum thomsoniae (bleeding heart vine) (8)
Seeking fun plants; UFT: Indian rope and others (2)
ISO lepismium cruciforme, H obovata, other hoyas (6)
Have: Variegated Cuban Oregano - Looking for any/everything. Whatcha got? (1)
Looking for rare trades/cuttings/aroids ( 2 ) (27)
Looking for some things that are a little unusual (3)
Feeling generous? Send your plant babies to me to help this pale green thumb! (3)
Looking sansevieria pinguicula (1)
Looking for stapelia/rose looking succulents (5)
Have: Monstera adansonii, Hoya, various varieties of pothos, tradescantia zebrina, string of figs (16)
Have Plumeria, Snake Plants, Spider Plants, peace lilies, pencil cactus (9)
WINTER IS COMING! Need to clean up my collection. Great for newbies! (16)
Whalefin snake plant for sale (4)
Wanted: trailing plants - string of pearls or string of hearts (1)
New to trading! I'm looking for new plant babies (9)
Growing my collection! (8)
ISO: Mostera Deliciosa Variegata or Philodendron Pink Princess (1)
Have: frizzle sizzle, monstera adansonii, pilea peperomioides (3)
Plants for trade (1)
Have: mimosa pudica/touch plant (11)
Hello iam new here (1)
Looking to trade!:) (3)