WANT: Rare philodendrons, r. tetrasperma, cissus discolor, syngonium macrophyllum HAVE pink princess, cebu blue, and others (2)
Looking to trade! (3)
Anyone with a large collection looking to thin out for winter? (9)
Rare Houseplants and Succulents (11)
ISO aloe saponaria variegata (1)
Succulent/Houseplant Swap? (10)
Have: Variety of succulents Want: Succulents or cool plants (1)
Illusive wish list items (1)
ISO Begonia Sinbad or other pink/silver leafed begonias (1)
Looking to swap a Alocasia Amazonica (1)
Want monstera deliciosa cuttings (2)
Last trade for the year - have lots of cebu blue and others! (2)
Have Marble Queen (1)
Have ZZ Plants to swap (1)
Anyone want to swap? (6)
Have lots of plants, not looking for anything specific 😄 (20)
Want: rhaphidophora tetrasperma (1)
Have lots of aroids and I want more! (1)
Want rare philodendrons/monsteras/hoyas (have pink princess, r. Tetrasperma, hoyas) (12)
Looking for RhapidophoraTetrasperma cutting (&others listed). I have rare plants I'll trade! (7)
Newbieneedsinfo (1)
Have: hoya kerri, various calathea, stromanthe (3)
Looking to trade for a monstera deliciosa or any other plants! (2)
Last few trades before fall (1)
UPDATED -- First time trader here! Looking to grow my green babies! (14)
Looking for calathea and verigated plants, Have Monstera, bromeliads, African violets, sansaveria birdnest , mother of millions (1)
ISO Clerodendrum thomsoniae (bleeding heart vine) (8)
Seeking fun plants; UFT: Indian rope and others (2)
ISO lepismium cruciforme, H obovata, other hoyas (6)
Have: Variegated Cuban Oregano - Looking for any/everything. Whatcha got? (1)